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Registration of Patients

Registration of new patient is done through the HMIS systems, specifically through the PMI (Patient Master Index) menu.

  • Receptionist will make sure that the patient is a new case; this is done by a thorough interview with the patient and by double checking it through the HMIS systems using the patient telephone number or civil I.D. number.
  • Labels will be printed and a hospital card will be issued to the patient. Clear instructions will be given to the patient on the importance of the hospital card.
  • Print "Face Sheet" and then assemble a new file.
  • Make the necessary booking/appointment.
  • Billing for the patient is done accordingly.
  • Give proper instruction as may be required.


It is the policy of the hospital to have all new patients coming for consultation or treatment in the OPD, emergency unit or inpatient registered and given a unique" medical record number.


To ensure that all patients coming to the hospital are registered and given a unique medical record number which will be used on all patient's subsequent visits.


  • Make sure that patients for registration are real new cases; i.e. by interviewing the patients carefully and by double checking it through the HMIS system (by the use of names, civil I.D. number or telephone number).
  • Register the patient by using the HMIS Registration menu. The following fields are mandatory.

    1. First Name (English and Arabic)
    2. Second Name (English and Arabic)
    3. Third Name or Last Name (English and Arabic)
    4. Sex
    5. Date of Birth
    6. Nationality
    7. Address
    8. Telephone Number
    9. Emergency Contact Person
    10. Tel. No. of the Emergency Contact Person
  • After entering all the above mandatory information, a unique medical record number" is automatically generated by the system.
  • Print-out a Face Sheet and fasten it to pre-assembled patient chart.
  • Complete a Hospital Card and explain to the patient the importance of this card.