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Al-Messila Clinics

Supporting our goals in providing the best solutions for all clients, we have established Al-Messila, a building holding a number of specialized medical clinics in several fields.

Eighth Floor

Dermacare Center

Elena Espas

Derma Care Manager

Dr. Ahmed Salem

Chief & Consultant
Dermatology & Venereology
M.B.B.Ch, M.Sc, M.D.

Dr. Magda Ahmed

Specialist of Dermatology
M.B.B.Ch, M.Sc, M.D.

Contact No.: 1830003
Ext.: 2047 - 2022
Direct No.: 222 3 2091 - 222 3 2047 - 222 3 2022

Ground Floor

Dental Department

Dr. Dima Najm

Dental Manager & Dentist

Dr. Qumasha Aljame

Consultant Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Anil George

Consultant Oral Surgery &
Chief of Dental Department

Dr. Aly Mahmoud

Consultant Prosthodontist

Dr. Mona AbdulMoneim

Specialist- Oral Surgery

Dr. Genevive Machado

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Nagy Omara

General Practitioner
(Prosthetics / Cosmetics)

Dr. Ahmed Bilal

Registrar - Oral Surgery
(Night Shift)

Dr. Ahmed Lutfi

Registrar Oral Surgery

Dr. Nisreen Fayed

Asst. Registrar
Pediatric Dentistry (Kids)

Dr. Salam Saleh

Asst. Registrar
Pediatric Dentistry (Kids)

Dr. Nader El Naggar

Registrar Pediatric Dentistry (Kids)

Dr. Maha M. Salah

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Mervat Eid

General Practitioner

Dr. Eman Reda

General Practitioner (Endodontics)

Dr. M. Hisham Gabr

Registrar Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Ahmed Samir

Registrar Endodontist
(Root Canal treatment)

Dr. Saurabh Chandra

Registrar Endodontist
(Root Canal treatment)

Dr. Anu Moany

Registrar Endodontist
(Root Canal treatment)

Dr. Bimal Shany

Registrar Endodontist
(Root Canal treatment)

Dr. Tarika Kohli

Registrar Endodontist
(Root Canal treatment)

Dr. Abey Kurian

Registrar Prosthodontist
(Crown & Bridge, Dentures)

D.H Sherin Ali

Dental Hygienist

D.H Ahmed Tayseer

Dental Hygienist

Mr. Mohammad Hallak

Dental Lab

Dr. Hany Riad Sabry

Registrar Dental

Contact No.: 22232055/56/2076

First Floor

Dr. V.Sathya

Consultant Pediatrician/ Neonatology
Direct No. : 22232192

Dr. Abdul Samad M. S. Abdul Samad

Consultant General Laparoscopic
& Obesity Surgeon
Direct No. : 22232197

Second Floor

Dr. Fareeda Q. Dashti

Consultant general surgery
Direct No.: 22232252

Dr. A.Nasser Al-Said

Pediatric Urologist
Contact No.: 1830003
Ext.: 2264

Dr. Abdulaziz Saud Al Mutair, BHSc, MBChB, FRCSC

orthopedic & spine clinic
Direct No.: 22232385
Ext.: 2385

Dr. Fahad S. Alasfar

Consultant in General, Bariatric & Laproscopic Surgery
Direct No.: 22232036/7

Third Floor

Dr. Abeer Mohamoud Awad

Consultant Development Pediatrician
Direct No.: 22530287
Contact No.: 1830003
Ext.: 1342

Prof. Ahmed Abdel- Gadir MBBS, PHD, FRCOG

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology Department
Direct number :22232006

Dr. Fahad A. Al Najjar

Consultant Gastroenterologist
and Hepatology
Direct No. : 22232361

Dr. Waleed Al Bishara

Consultant in Orthopedic
and Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery
Direct No.: 22232173
Contact No.: 1830003

Fourth Floor

Dr. Waleed Al Bastaki MBBS, FRCSED

Consultant General Surgery
Direct No.: 22232446

Dr. Mahmoud M. El-Astal

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology Department
Direct No.: 22232432

Dr. Mohammed Al Eisa

ENT Surgery
Direct No.: 22232738

Fifth Floor

Dr. Abdullah Behbehani

Consultant, General Surgery
and Surgical Oncology
Mobile No. : 60360393
Direct No. : 22232521

Dr. Amr Essam

Constultant Ob-Gyn
Direct No.: 22232723/4
Contact No.: 1830003
Ext: 2723 - 2724

Dr. Mohmed Bakry

Consultant Ob-Gyn / IVF
Direct No.: 22232723/4
Contact No.:1830003
Ext: 2723 - 2724

Dr. Nuzhat Yasmeen Babar

Consultant Ob-Gyn
Direct No. : 22232716
Contact No.: 1830003
Ext: 2716

Sixth Floor

Dr. Hesham Burezq

Canadian Board and Fellowship
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Direct No.: 22232635

Dr. Khalid Al Sharaf

Consultant in General Surgery
Contact No.: 1830003
Ext.: 1235

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Aradi

Consultant in Dermatology
& Dermatologic surgery
(Canadian Board)
Direct No.: 22232631/32

Dr. Meshal A. Al-Ghareb

Consultant Dermatologist,
Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology
Direct No.: 22232631/32

Seventh Floor

Dr. Mohamed Salah
El-Ashnehi FRCOG, MD

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Director of Ganeen Clinic
Ganeen Ext. : 2731

Dr. Nadia Abdulhameed

Consultant Obstetrics
& Gynecology
Ganeen Ext. : 2731

Dr. Mohamed Alaa Halafawi

Specialist of Gynecology
and birth and fertility treatments
Ganeen Ext. : 2731

Dr. Khalid Abdel

Master of Gynecology
And birth and fertility Specialist of Gynecology and birth and fertility treatments
Ganeen Ext. : 2731

Dr. Zaid Al-Harbash

Consultant Pediatrics
Direct No.: 22232728

Dr. Waleed Fahad Al Jassar

Consultant obstetrics &
Gynecology – Gyn Oncologist