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Children Bills of Rights

  • To expect the very best of care.
  • To expect my doctors and nurses to teach me and my family all we need to know about my illness, so I can get better and stay well.
  • To be treated as a growing child with special needs and interests.
  • To cry because I'm lonely or afraid. I have the right to expect understanding of my feelings and tender loving care.
  • To have my everyday needs taken care of, like brushing my hair and washing my hands, and to have clean clothes. I may need help to keep my clothes and body clean.
  • To a neat, clean room with equipment that works.
  • To expect that those taking care of me will write down what I can and cannot do and make plans to help me get better. The people who will take care of me after I leave the hospital will know this plan.
  • To know that doctors and nurses will only talk to helpful people about my care.
  • To let the doctors and nurses know when I am unhappy about the care I receive and that they will listen and talk to me about why I am unhappy.