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Anaesthesia and Pain Clinic

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Anaesthesia is the process by which sensitivity or pain is reduced or eliminated. The Department of Anaesthesia at Al Salam International Hospital offers all types of anaesthesia (local, regional, or general) as required by the site and means of administration. It can vary from numbing the area around a cut that needs stitches, to being put to sleep for a more complicated operation. Anaesthetics are administered by topical application, injection, inhalation, or in combination. Anaesthesia enables your doctor to perform diagnostic or surgical procedures in a safe pain-free manner. Conscious sedation is used to facilitate the Gastroenterologists and other physicians to undertake diagnostic endoscopies without subjecting the patient to a general anaeshtesia, if not necessary. All our Anaesthetists are highly skilled and experienced, dedicated to offering a superior service to the patient. A Pain Management Clinic offers patients an assessment of their pain control needs and prescribed accordingly. Such pain management, tailored to the individual’s needs, is particularly valuable in patients who experience chronic intractable pain, patients with cancer, etc.

Hours of Operation:Saturday through Wednesday 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Contact No: 1830003 Ext. 2163/2108

Direct: 22232101 

Anaesthesia and Pain Clinic Doctor's List

Dr.Ahmad Shafik

Consultant and Chief of Anesthesia

Dr. Tatiana Lvanova Mirkova

Consultant Anesthesia

Dr. Fatma Ahmed Ali Zorob

Consultant Anesthesia

Dr. Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Consultant Anaesthesia

Dr. Mohamed Shabaan

Consultant Anaesthesia

Dr. Bozhidar Beychev

Specialist Anaesthesia

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