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General Surgery

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The general surgery unit offers the following services:

• Laparoscopic surgeries including lap. cholecystectomy, lap. Appendicectomy, lap. Varicocelectomy, diagnostic laparoscopy and lap.fundoplication.

• Morbid obesity surgeries including intra gastric balloon insertion and removal, lap. Gastric banding and all other options of surgical treatment of morbid obesity.

• Anorectal surgeries painless operation for anal fissure, piles and perianal fistula using most recent techniques.

• Breast surgeries for masses, pain and tumours including breast biopsies.

• Thyroid gland surgeries and biopsies.

• Gastro intestinal endoscopies for stomach and colon.

Working Hours: 09:00 AM till 09:00 PM

Except Thursdays 09:00 AM till 01:00 PM (Friday Off)

Direct: 1830003, Ext: 1100/2100

General Surgery Doctor's List

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