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Proper analysis of human body fluids/human blood and diagnostic testing services is mandatory for diagnosis and effective treatment of diseases.

Al Salam International Hospital Medical Laboratory provides comprehensive laboratory services 24 hours a day, seven days a week,365 days a year thus facilitating collection and processing of emergency and routine investigations round the clock.

The objective of the Al Salam International Hospital Medical laboratory is to provide accurate and timely testing of biological specimens to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. To ensure this, the Al Salam International Medical Laboratory is fully equipped with hi-tech automated in-house laboratory equipments, possesses a team of qualified and licensed laboratory personnel, has established policies for all laboratory activities and is following Standard Operating Procedures, consistent with the Hospital’s commitment to "Excellence in Patient Care".

Two types of services are available to the clients.

Tests performed at site in Kuwait

The on-site tests are under two categories, those required for emergencies and the tests carried out as routine investigations.

Al Salam International Hospital Laboratory comprises of two major divisions:

Anatomical Pathology

Which comprises of:


Any tissue or object that is removed in surgery is evaluated by the Pathologist for diagnosis. Intra operative frozen section facility is available to the surgeons on demand.


Evaluation of various fluids and smears (Ex-folliative cytology and Aspiration cytology).

Clinical Pathology

Which comprises of :


This is the largest section in the laboratory. Most of the tests are done on serum or plasma. Some of the tests are listed below :

• SMAC 20 (consists of 20 tests for general health check up).

• Lipid Profile

• Cardiac Profile

• Liver Profile

• Renal Profile

• Glucose

• Cholesterol

• Electrolytes

• Protein


• Hormone analysis – pregnancy, thyroid, fertility etc.


Various tests are done on whole blood viz., Complete Blood Count, Differential white blood cell count, reticulocyte counting, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, G6PD Screen, Sickle cell screen, Coagulation tests, analysis of body fluids, urinalysis and other related tests are carried out.

Blood Bank (Immunohematology):

Blood for grouping, antibodies and compatibility is evaluated when units of blood are required for transfusion to patients. Other specialized blood components required for transfusion are also made available.


Cultures of blood, urine, throat, wounds, ear etc. are taken and the microorganisms are isolated and identified. Susceptibility testing is done to determine the effectiveness of specific antibiotics against specific organism. Mycology and Parasitology are also included.

Serology (combined with Immunology):

Determines body’s reaction to an antigens or infections.

• Rubella, Rheumatoid factor, CRP, Brucella, H.Pylori, Widal VDRL etc.

The quality of the tests carried out is maintained by using Internal Quality Control as well as External Quality Control programs. The Internal QC programs are run on daily basis whereas the External QC programs is run on bi-weekly basis as per the requirement of the External QC provider (M/s. Randox Laboratories Ltd., UK.). This ensures continuous improvement of the laboratory's performance and services through ongoing monitoring that identifies, evaluates and resolves problems.

Tests referred to referral laboratory, Laboratoire Marcel Merieux International Division, France

The tests carried out at the referral laboratory are decided upon keeping the following factors in view :

• The restrictions on the private laboratories by the Ministry of Health, Kuwait, to carry investigations like Viral serology and Drug testing.

• The investigations that do not have adequate work load to justify the financial implications of doing the test on site.

• Certain esoteric tests which are carried by specialized laboratories only.

Thank you for visiting Al Salam International Hospital Medical Laboratory’s website. For more information please contact us.

(965) 1830003

Ext. 2238/2239/2251

(965) 22540568

Specimen Collection Areas:

For the convenience of our patients, Al Salam International Hospital allocated two specimen collection area, one in ground floor near the Emergency Department, and the second on the first floor in the Out Patient Department near the waiting area for the Medical & Surgical Clinics.

The main medical laboratory at Al Salam International Hospital operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Specimen Collection Area near the Emergency Department functions 24 hours too.

Laboratory Investigations List

For any information, please call 1830003 Ext: 2238/2239/2251

Laboratory Services Doctor's List

Dr.Arafat Al Sulaiman

Lab Manager

Dr. Anand Gopal Pathania

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