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Urology ,Andrology and ESWL Center

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Urology Department offers a full spectrum of medical and surgical treatment for uro-genital disorders. Our doctors are recognized leaders in treating patients with conditions such as kidney stones, urinary inconvenience and strictures, prostate disease. The special Andrology unit provides diagnosis and treatment of male infertility and sexual disorders.

We have special expertise in diagnosing and treating:

• Voiding disorders, including incontinence for men, women and children.

• Treatment for prostate enlargement.

• Surgical and endoscopic operations for acute and chronic kidney problems.

• Paediatric urinary disorders.

• A special clinic for female urology problems.

• Treatment procedures for stone crushing and extraction in the lower ureter and bladder (‘lithoclast’ technique). The following procedures are performed directly in the Outpatients Clinic:

• Treatment procedures for stone crushing in the kidney and upper urinary tract (shockwave lifnotripsy without anaesthesia).

• Bladder and prostate ultrasound.

• Treatment procedures for prostate chronic inflammation and enlargement (Computerized microwave heat therapy without anaestesia).

Hours of Operation: Saturday through Wednesday 09:00AM till 09:00 PM Thursdays 09:00 AM till 01:00 PM

Contact No: 1830003 Ext. 2134 Direct: 22232134

Urology ,Andrology and ESWL Center Doctor's List

Pro.Dr. Adel S. Alaam

Senior Consultant & Chief of Urology Department

Dr.Kamel Ghoneim

Urology Specialist

Dr.Hassan Abdulwahab

Specialist Urology

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