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Environmental Services

House Keeping Services

Provides efficient cleaning and portering services within the entire Hospital with Infection Control Manager’s support to ensure adherence to Infection Control standards.

Infection Control
A wide variety of healthcare is delivered in primary and community care settings. Healthcare-associated infections arise across a wide range of clinical conditions and can affect patients of all ages. Healthcare workers, family members and carers are also at risk of acquiring infections when caring for patients. The Infection Control & Prevention of Al Salam International Hospital support the institution's tripartite mission of surveillance, education, and patient care; to promote patient safety by reducing the risk of acquiring and transmitting infections; and to be a leader in healthcare epidemiology and infection control.

Infection Control Department
The goal of the Infection Control Department is to prevent and control infections for the well-being of patients, employees and the community, in maintaining the standard as a Canadian Accredited hospital with a commitment in keeping people safe from infections, providing a safe and suitable environment and being prepared for outbreaks and pandemics. We believe it is the responsibility of every employee to practice effective infection control measures, including hand hygiene.

The function of the Infection Control Department:

  • Surveillance – identifying infections and intervention and improvement strategies, while maintaining a close liaison with Ministry of Health authorities.
  • Policies and Procedures – providing staff with useful resources that reflect the up-to-date study, principles and recommendations.
  • Education – providing the staff with continuous instruction related to principles and practices of infection control.
  • Consultations – offering knowledgeable information and direction related to infection control to the right staff with the good ideas from the Infection Control Committee members.

Laundry Services

The Laundry has a team of well trained staff who are responsible for providing clean and fresh linen to all patient care units as required.