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Executive Management

Dr. Ayman Al Mutawa
Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Tareq Omar
Dr. Mohammed El Sayed
Financial Advisor for C.E.O
Medical Director & Incharge
on Intensive Care Unit
Mr. Kamil Raja Sumrain
Mr. Hussain Ali Al Omairi
Administration Director Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Ibrahim Jeries Shahin
Fatma Al Mutairi
Information Technology Director
Asst. Administration Director
Medical Records Manager
ENG. Mohammed Abou-Elsaied Mrs. Hala Abo Doma
Plant & Facility Director Business Development Manager
Mr. Walid Mohamed ElBeltagy
Mr. Mathew Abraham
Legal Dept. Consultant
Secretary of the Board
Human Resources Manager
Dalal Majed
Manager Marketing & P.R. Department