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Hospital Safety

Commitment to our safety mission is one of our priorities therefore; hospital facility is designed with international safety standards to ensure our clients’ safety as well as of our visitors and employees.

To promote health and well-being:

  • Non-smoking facility
  • Increased indoor air quality
  • Increased ventilation rates

To decrease potential for infection and contamination:

  • Hand washing sinks with proper hand washing techniques posters
  • Hand sanitizers placed throughout the facility and patient rooms
  • Streamlined waste management and laundry system
  • Strategic design – outpatient and ambulatory areas are closest to entrance decreases unnecessary traffic through inpatient areas
  • Separate service elevators from visitors’ elevators

To reduce potential for falls:

  • Hand rails are installed in hallways, patient’s toilet and other areas
  • Floor patterning
  • Rooms are designed to minimize contrasts for visually impaired and elderly

To ease access:

  • Pharmacy, Emergency Rooms, Outpatient departments are located closest to the entrances.

To provide overall safety:

  • State-of-the-art -emergency system: automated fire facilities – smoke and heat detectors, panic doors, elevators and water sprinklers
  • Updated emergency exit signs and maps
  • Updated firefighting equipment in every floor/areas:
  • • fire hose reels
    • landing valves
    • fire extinguisher cylinders
    • Fire blankets

  • Security system: CCTV cameras and control system
  • Call center – central communication system
  • Updated and international standard emergency plans
  • • Coded Emergency system
    • Activation and communication system
    • Drills and exercises
    • Trainings

  • Incident Reporting system
  • Risk Management system