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Parking Space

Al Salam International Hospital has made sufficient parking space available to its employees, patients, visitors and for the Hospital vehicles in as far as possible - allocated as follows:

Ground Floor, 1 Floor, 2 Floor and Basement 1 are allocated as car parks for patients and visitors. Staff should therefore refrain from parking in those areas mentioned. Any Violators will be prosecuted.

Floor 3 is allocated as parking lot for the Doctors and other staff residing in the Residential Tower.

Basement 2 is used as parking lot for the other members of staff on first-come-first park basis.

City Streets - Parking on City Streets passing through / adjacent to the Hospital premises is in accordance with the Municipal and Traffic laws and regulations, and individual employees are held personally accountable for any traffic offences.

Parking places for Ambulance and other Hospital Vehicles - These places are reserved for this type of vehicles; staff and visitors are prohibited to use those places for personal car parking.

Zones marked "No Parking" / "No Waiting" / "Speed Limits" are required to be respected by all.

Adequate lighting and signages are installed in all parking areas, walkways, as well as at entry and exit points.

Security Officers patrol the parking areas and the facility on a regular basis, and keep areas clear of any long term parking infractions.

The Hospital's parking area is reserved for employees, patients and visitors. Any violators will be prosecuted.

All employees should have the SIH parking stickers affixed on the upper right side of the back windscreen of their cars.