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Smoking Policy

I.    Purpose

   1. To provide a healthier environment for everyone who visits the hospital. As a healthcare provider, Al Salam        International Hospital is committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment for its patients,
       employees, contract employees, hostel residents and visitors.
   2. To provide a tobacco-free environment throughout the hospital in accordance with the Ministry of Health
        and Accreditation rules and regulations.

II. Policy

   1. It is the policy of Al Salam International Hospital to maintain a 100% tobacco-free environment for the        preservation and protection of the health of our patients, hostel residents, visitors and employees. This
        policy applies to anyone who enters the hospital and staffs’ accommodation.
   2. All hospital rooms and premises shall have a smoke detector properly installed and maintained.
   3. New employees shall be oriented about this policy upon joining SIH.
   4. All employees are required to observe and promote compliance with courtesy and diplomacy to patients
       and visitors.
   5. This policy will be communicated to the public through signs, announcements, newsletters,
       advertisements, media events, and the hospital website.
   6. This policy shall be posted at the bulletin boards in every hostel.

III.    Definitions

   1. Tobacco Products – all tobacco products used in the form of cigarettes, pipes, cigars and/or in any        smokeless form. Also included are other substitute items such as clove cigarettes, etc.
   2. Employee – anyone who works inside the Al Salam International Hospital including the staffs from the        outsource companies and tenants.
   3. Hostel Resident – any employees who avails the hospital’s accommodation including their dependents.

IV.    Procedure

   1. The use of tobacco products is prohibited:
     1.1 In all areas within the hospital & staff’s hostel buildings.
     1.2 In all vehicles owned, leased, or rented by the hospital.
     1.3 In all employee vehicles when parked on hospital property.
     1.4 Parkinglotsanddriveways that are used by SIH.
   2. No tobacco products shall be sold in the hospital.
   3. Tobacco products includes, but is not limited to:
     3.1 Cigarettes
     3.2 Cigars
     3.3 Chewing Tobacco
     3.4 Pipe smoking
   4. Employee Responsibilities:
     4.1 All SIH employees are required to observe and promote compliance with the smoking policy.
     4.2 Employees are prohibited from using tobacco during all paid time including breaks.
     4.3 Wearing the hospital badge while using tobacco products is not permitted.
     4.4 Employees who leave the hospital to smoke will be subject to disciplinary action. Unauthorized breaks
          may be subject to corrective action.
     4.5 Employees are encouraged to make confidential “good faith” report to their supervisor, manager, or
           Human Resources Department when they observe another employee violating this policy.
     4.6 All employees are responsible to comply by the policy and if their ethical duty to ensure the fellow           employees follow the same.
     4.7 As outlined in the Dress Code Policy, employees are asked to pay special attention to their personal           hygiene. This includes not having a strong odor of smoke when smoking.
     4.8 If the patients/residents/visitors repeat the same activity, the customer service shall be informed about it.
     4.9 In the event the tobacco violation involves a potential threat to health safety, such as smoking near           combustible supplies, flammable liquids, gases or oxygen are used or stored; Safety Officer and Security
           staff must be immediately contacted.
     4.10 Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
          The following is based on a 12-month rolling calendar:
       4.10.1 1st violation – Verbal Notification
       4.10.2 2nd violation – Written Notification
       4.10.3 3rd violation – Suspension
       4.10.4 4th violation – Termination
   5. Visitors
     5.1 Visitors who refused to comply with the policy should be reported to the Customer Service supervisor for           immediate follow up.
   6. Patients
     6.1 At the time of admission or registration, patients will be given information regarding the non-smoking           using policy.
     6.2 Patients will not be permitted to use tobacco under any circumstances. If an employee observes a
          patient using tobacco products, they need to remind them of the policy. Patient’s tobacco items will be
          placed in a secure location with the Customer Service until dismissal.
     6.3 In the event the patient insists to smoke in the designated place, the patient’s attending physician or
           registrar shall be informed and the form against medical advised should be signed by the patient.
     6.4 In case the patient continues to smoke inside the room in spite of frequent reminders, the management
          upon their discretion will ask the attending physician to discharge his patient and will be blacklisted from
          being admitted again in the hospital.
   7. Security & Customer Service Staffs
     7.1 Security & Customer Service staffs should always be available anytime to assist with a patient or visitors
           who are not compliant with the policy.
     7.2 If the patient repeats the activity, the attending physician removes the materials from the room and
          should be given to the Customer Service staff to be stored in a safe place until dismissal.
   8. Facility Staffs
     8.1 It is the responsibility of the Facility Department to make sure that all smoke detectors are regularly
          checked and maintained.
   9. Contractors and Vendors
     9.1 All contractors and vendors will be informed of SIH tobacco-free policy at the time a contract is agreed           upon.
     9.2 Vendors who sign in at shipping and receiving to deliver items, will be reminded of the policy.

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VI.    Cross references

   1. Dress Code Policy

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