Latest News and Events

• Doctors’ monthly meeting with the Medical director Dr. Shafie

• Doctors Lecture and Hands on October 6th

• The Canadian Accreditation Day 2nd June

• 'ROPs' Presentation 'Required Organizational Practises' was given by Mrs. Alaa in November 5th.

• Dr. Dima gave a presentation on “Pregnancy Tumors” and oral hygiene on October 28th in the B1 Hospital Auditorium.

• New Rotary system Training September 3rd 2015

• Infection Control Training June 11th 2015

• BLS Training (Basic Life Support) was given to all the doctors & the nurses in Al-Salam Hospital in March 29th 2015

• Oxford Academy School kids were seen by Dr Salam SIH February 9th.