• Dr. Anil George

  • Consultant, Oral Surgery / Implants & Chief of Dental center

  • Al Salam Dental Center
  • Al Messila Tower         Spoken language :


Specialized in:
- Surgical Extractions of difficult and impacted teeth
- Jaw Bone fracture fixation procedures.
- Single or Multiple Implant placement under Local Anesthesia or General Anesthesia (G.A).
- Full mouth rehabilitation of jaws with Oral implants, Crowns and Bridges or Over-dentures.
- Cone Beam 3D X-Ray making for accurate Diagnosis before dental Surgeries.
- Soft Tissue LASER usage for Gum recontouring, Osseous surgeries or Bone Grafting surgeries .
- Diagnosis and treatment of Oral lesions, Jaw tumors or Cysts of the Jaws. (Biopsy can be taken and sent to the main hospital Lab).
- Diagnosis/Treatment of TMJ Disorders.

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